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The place to organise and manage your golf tournament, with a unique LiveScoring system, featuring APP Score Entry and Live Leaderboards

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For Tournament Hosts who want to manage a complete Golf Tournament, including Player Registration, Starting Lists, Score Management, Live Leaderboards

Tournament Hosts can be:

  • - Golf Clubs who are hosting golf matches for their members
  • - Commercial and Non-Commercial Golf Organisations, who organise Golf Tournaments
  • - Companies who organise Golf Tournaments/Events for their clients and employees
  • - Event Bureaus who organise Golf Tournaments for third parties

Players, who have received the invite, can Enroll & Pay via website and follow Tournament progress

  1. Create an account
  2. Create a Tournament
  3. Invite and/or add Players
  4. Setup Flights and Starting Lists, Publish Starting Lists
  5. Start Tournament
  6. Enter Player Scores in Score Manager panel
  7. Show Leaderboard
  8. Publish End Results

The First tournament is Free!

After, there are 3 types of subscriptions:

  1. Per Tournament - € 15 per Tournament
  2. Per Package
    TournamentsPricePrice p Tournament
    560€ 20
    10100€ 10
    15120€ 8
  3. Per Subscription Package
    1 Month€ 25Unlimited
    3 Months€ 50Unlimited
    6 Months€ 75Unlimited
    12 Months€ 100Unlimited

Payment can be done online. is a all-in-one Tournament Hosting tool, that allows Tournament Hosts to setup and manage Golf Tournaments. Its unique features:

  • ✓ Pay-per-use, no licenses or software packages to be bought
  • ✓ Personalised Scorecards, Starting Lists, Leaderboards and End Results (company logo, picture backgrounds, flyers)
  • ✓ Online Player Invitation and Enrollment
  • ✓ Share Tournament via Social Media (Twitter, Linked-in, Facebook)
  • ✓ Leaderboards easy published on Company, Club or Organisation website
  • ✓ Follow tournament progress online
  • ✓ Submit Live Scores from the course via APP
  • ✓ Automatic Score Processing (no more calculations afterwards)
  • ✓ Supports all official Match Types in Golf (Matchplay/ Strokeplay/Foursome/Greensome, Bestball, Texas Scramble, etc)
  • ✓ Automatic HCP and Stroke Calculations
  • ✓ Player/Tournament Data available for re-use is started by golf enthusiast Anand van Deventer. He has been playing the game of golf since 1989 and reached a HCP of 1 at his best.

Since 2010, Anand has built Smartphone Golf Apps and started the website The idea came when he was asked to help with the Scoring for a Top Amateur Event at his homecourse.

Anand built a Live Leaderboard, showing the live progress of the Players scores on multiple Screens in the Course and in the Clubhouse and Online. He developed an APP to submit scores from each flight in the course to support realtime Livescoring.

Anand decided to extend the Scoring system and enable everyone who wants to host a tournament with Live Scoring and developed the system to what it is today.

A unique tool to make it very easy to Host Golf Tournaments with a Live Golf Scoring feature.

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